Stolen trailer returned after police swoop

Tour de Yorkshire elation turned to gloom when Carol Webster, wife of choir vice-president Gordon Webster, raised the alarm that our trailer had been stolen from the couple’s Castle Farm, Bolsterstone, where it had been kept for 10 years. Thieves had struck only hours after the choir had used the staging stored in the trailer to sing to the crowds before the cyclists sped through the village. The raiders had cut through the locks and taken out most of the staging before driving the trailer away.  Acting on an anonymous tip-off, police went to a house in High Green where they found a man stripping off our name and logos in the early hours. Neil Fox, 49, of Mortomley Close, High Green, pleaded guilty at Sheffield magistrates’ court on May 16th to handling stolen goods and was fined £80 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £500 compensation to the choir at £10 a week.   The trailer is back on the farm with added security and will be given a spruce-up.  It was bought with National Lottery funds some 20 years ago and was specially adapted by the late Stuart Brooks, choir member and leading sponsor whose wife Pam carried on support for the choir for many years after her husband’s death.